Through my eyes

Those of you who know me well know I'm about to embark on what I'm now calling my "Great Mini Adventure"! A close friend suggested I start a blog on my experiences. Well, here they are! I will also be including my thoughts on life in general as it unfolds. So it begins...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Men = Meercats

So yesterday was ridiculously hot. I mean, it was so damn hot it was unbelievable. All roads of course had to lead to Scheveningen beach. Headed up there to meet up with my colleagues to chill out and watch the game.

I got to the bar on the beach and it was amazing. People everywhere, and more to the point, topless women everywhere! The guys were having a blast - watching the "scenery", drinking beer and eating. Going on like, "ooo, those are nice, but they're too big", "yeah, very nice", "when I rule the world, I'm gonna pass a law that all women have to go topless". On and on it went. I was the only chick there - the others were "on their way". Dealing with all the testosterone wasn't easy, but it was rather fun.

The game started and we moved into the restaurant to watch it. There was a group of Dutch guys there making noise, drinking beer, watching the game and scoping chicks all at the same time (who says guys can't multi-task ey?!). Neways, as the screen was near the toilets any time chicks came in they would all look up in unison, stretch their necks, have a good look, then turn back to the telly. And this is where the meercats come in. If you've watched them on Animal Planet you'll have seen that guys actually mimic their behaviour. They run in their groups and in unison, stop, stretch their necks, look up for predators or whatever, then turn back again. It was so hilarious watching them.

One guy had been scoping this chick siiiiiiiiince, and he decided to take the initiative. He got up, went outside and went to lie down next to her. All his boys started cheering and singing a song praising him and calling him their new king. He chatted with the babe for a while and came back in to a round of applause from his boys. Now the deposed king couldn't take this so he grabbed a bottle of suntan lotion and went outside to try his luck. The boys started singing again that he indeed was the king. The chick let him rub lotion on her legs and he swaggered in glad to have regained his title. One chick came in and she had REALLY big boobs and as she walked past, they did a wave! Another one kept coming in to primp in the mirror. It was like hello? You're at the beach, why do you have so much make up on?! My colleague said "she thinks she's Paris Hilton, but she's more Paris B&B!!!"

All in all a great day out except for the hayfever. Got it REAL bad. Eyes itching, nose, ears etc Horrible I tell you but then, that's another story... :-(

Monday, May 29, 2006

He's baaaack! And so am I...


So I've been a VERY naughty girl.
How long has it been?
I feel very bad. There's no excuse for my behaviour.
My dad says with proper time management, you can do all the things you need to do. I really haven't been managing my time properly.
Bottom line, I'm sorry for not keeping my blog going. It's great that y'all have been taking time out to follow my escapades in this town. So from now on, I plan to be a VERY VERY good girl and update my blog regularly (well, as often as I can!)

Now, despite all your disses and stuff, I know that you guys secretly like my "encounters" with my old naked guy! So, I thought it was fitting to start blogging again after seeing him again. YEP!!! He's back. My old naked guy is back!!! I've missed him sooooooo much. Tee hee hee!

I saw him on Saturday when I was walking home with my friend who I will call "baby lawyer" (she's soooo gonna hate that name!!!). Neways, there we were, walking back to my place and I looked up and there he was, watching tv in his black kimono! I couldn't believe it. I was ecstatic - you can't imagine how much. I had been envisioning him murdered in his house and had been contemplating calling the police. But alas, I was wrong. He lives! So good to see him again. Can't help but think he's hiding though, I haven't seen him since then!!! Will keep on the look-out and let you guys know the developments because despite all your comments, I know you really wanna know! ;-)

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Saturday - So hi! Tee hee hee...

So I woke up did my chores and got ready to meet up with my colleague from work. We were going iceskating and I was looking forward to it. A place on the outskirts of town called de Uithof. You've got ice skating, indoor skiing, climbing and karting. We went iceskating of course! But I hope to go climbing there soon. Neways it was fun except for the sorry ass music they were playing which was soooooo slow and soppy. It would also have been better if the skates they were renting out were like actual skates. Mine were so blunt it was like skating on friggin rulers. Drove me crazy. The rink was like olympic sized and you had these speedskaters training. Being the lazy-ass that I am we went round a total of 6 times! Hey, it was a huge rink!!! We had a break and of course as is usual in this place, they were selling alcohol. It's like hello? Alcohol and ice? What's that about? These things really shouldn't surprise me anymore.

From there we headed back into town and my colleague took me to a koffie shop!!! Yup, I was in a koffie shop today! It was so weird cos it was like a real pub except they were well, smoking grass! The people in there were like everyday people. They didn't look like the dodgy sort you'd expect to find lurking there. I had an apple juice and we chatted. They had lots of games - chess, cluedo, backgammon (spelling?), etc. We played connect 4. When last did you play that game?! It was so much fun. Or maybe it got more fun as i "soaked in" the ambience?! I'll tell you one thing, in this town you can't survive if you're the judgemental type. You've gotta be willing to accept people for who and what they are. Leave any prejudices behind. Well, we left - not much worse for wear I think! I was feeling a bit woozy though - like the way you feel when you've gone clubbing all night and you had to get up early. I knew there was no way in hell I could go to Amsterdam to the naij club. Sorry folks but that gist will have to come another time!

Came home and made eba and okro. I needed to eat something substaintial as I was feeling way too woozy. Sleep. I need sleep....

Goodnight y'all. Tee hee hee...!

Friday - Me? A voyeur?

Work was a'ight. Finally finished my questionnaire. Will start the interviews in April. Would have started next week but I'll be in London for graduation. Yipeee! Can't wait. I've been having withdrawal symptoms!

Went home.

Imagine! I think my old naked guy has started closing his curtains o. What nonsense. Doesn't he know I depend on seeing him as part of my entertainment on my walk home. I'm gonna miss seeing him and his two little dogs all siiting on the couch watching tv. I wonder what type of bathrobe he's using now.

I am very sad.

Thursday - One of them days

Ok, so there's a project we've been working on that I'm coordinating and I tell you it is giving me serious grief. Not so much the project but one of the team members that's driving everyone up the wall. One of those people that just won't let go and have to look at every single tiny detail. I felt like screaming during our last meeting. He just took over and was sha being very difficult. I thought to myself hey, if you wanna be the coordinator of this project by all means go ahead. I have enough on my plate with the research I'm doing. Well, I just kept quiet and silently fumed. I wasn't going to let him win by causing a scene.

I went home early feeling quite irritated. I took out my locks and decided to retouch my hair myself! Boy was that fun. The whole thing took the better part of the night and at the end of the day half of it wasn't retouched. I can't help but wonder how people are able to do their hair themselves. It's amazing. I won't give up sha. I will try again!!! (Let's hope I don't lose all my hair in the process!)

Wednesday - Na wa o

So I was having a good day at work. Nothing major to report. Going through work in a semi-pleasant fashion. Had a pretty low workload so I had time to loaf a bit!

A friend had sent me the link to the most beautiful girl in Nigeria website and I thought ok, I'll have a look at the chicks. As I was looking at the pictures of the girls (and wondering how many of the girls could be considered the most beautiful in their respective states) my colleague looked over my shoulder and exclaimed "wow, is that you?!". I almost fell out of my chair. What nonsense. Chai, I've suffered o. This was when I was looking at the Miss Benue page ( I was thinking to myself - how on earth do I look like her?! Well, I thought it could have been worse - she might have thought I was Miss Edo ( Mama S, how do you feel about her representing your state huh?! Tee hee hee...!
Well, I said it wasn't me and I shrugged it off.

Headed home quite early and was kinda bored so I met up with one of my colleagues for a drink in the pub round the corner. Never in my life have I tasted a more horrible wine! Urgh.

Headed back home again and crashed like a baby.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tuesday – the daily grind

Felt much stronger today. Worked on an animation that will be used to give out info on learning in general, updated my cv and found out the my work permit has been extended! Hooray! I was really happy about that. I had been having visions of being kicked out of the country – and knowing them, they would have done it!
Heard about a naija club in Amsterdam that runs on Saturday’s, so guess where I’ll be this weekend!!! It is apparently a restaurant by day and a najia guy takes over at night! I’ll be sure to keep y’all posted!!!
I left pretty early cos I was meeting up with my friend’s (basketmouth!) neighbour. She bought me panadol extra – the darling girl! I showed her the shopping area in town and headed home.

(Didn’t spot my old naked guy friend today and felt oddly disappointed!)

Diligent me – updating daily from now on!

Monday – It’s all about scheduling!

Got to work late – was way tired from the weekend. It was a very hard day cos I felt like a zombie. I did some communications work on a brochure for students that come in for training courses and also did some work on the survey (questionnaire and interview) that I am working on. Lunch was horrid – some fish stuff that looked like someone had thrown it up. It didn’t even have a taste. It was ridiculous. I had to leave early. Headed home and of course spotted the old naked man. He was reclining watching tv. I guess he’s done his laundry cos this time he wasn’t wearing the silk robe – it was a white terry robe. Half-open as usual!

It's looking like the weekends are the best parts of my weeks!

Wednesday – All work no play and all that!

Arranged with my colleagues to see crash after work and boy was that movie intense! To think I didn’t want to see it!!! Amazing stuff. If you haven’t seen it yet, please do so. Got home pretty late and crashed.

Friday – Party on!

So work was dry – same old, same old. It was very tiring though. I promised myself I would leave early however as my friends and I were going clubbing that night. There was a Puerto Rican raggaeton party that night and I wasn’t going to miss it for the world! Finally some music I would understand! Got there and sorry to disappoint but this time though I had like 2 Bacardi breezers I desisted from dancing on the stage! They actually had VERY scantily clad professional dancers up there for a while! It was funny cos all of a sudden all the guys stopped dancing!!! All eyes on the stage kinda thing. Sorry o but I didn’t take any pics!

We partied till around 3.30am and then we all took a cab home

Saturday – O so tired

Ok, so I was shattered from my night out. But I still had to get up, make breakfast and then head out to shop for groceries. Headed off to the African shop and bought more fish and meat! You know I can’t do without that stuff. Came back home, boiled the meat and seasoned the fish. Nothing of major interest to report! Slept early and like a baby – it was wonderful!

Sunday – Friday the 13th all over again

Woke up quite early but was feeling too tired to go to church (naughty me). Continued cooking. Made fresh fish stew and meat stew! It took a lot out of me – I was still so tired and I couldn’t eat cos you know how it is when you cook a lot of food – u just can’t eat. Tidied up my apartment - bathroom, hovered etc etc. That took even more out of me. Did my yoga. At this point I was like aaaargh!

By the time I was done with all this it was already like 2pm. I was bored out of my skull and needed to get away from my apartment. Spoke to a friend of mine who invited me go-karting with his colleagues. I was ecstatic! Headed off to Rotterdam, went window shopping first and then we all headed to the track. At the bar, just before you get to the karts, the bartender there asked what we would like to drink. He said they had beer, rum, whisky etc. Imagine that. Only in Holland o! So if any of you want to hone your drink driving skills, you can do that over here!

We got on the track and we were all having fun until disaster struck. One of the girls had an accident so we had to stop. The staff checked her out. Said they couldn’t call an ambulance for her – that they would only come if she was dying. Thankfully we had booked a van to take us there so it was easy for us to get back. We took her to the hospital and one of the guys who speaks Dutch stayed with them to help out.

You can imagine that we were all really bummed after this. We headed off and decided to have dinner. We ate in some Dutch restaurant. The food was horrid. I had lamb chops and noodles. The noodles tasted like they had been cooked for 3mins, and the lamb was so rare, even my dog wouldn’t have eaten it. After that we decided to go to the movies. We went to see Tsotsi. The movie is in Afrikaans or something and we didn’t know that. It was supposed to be subtitled in English but being that this is Holland, it had Dutch subtitles. We snuck out and went to see Crash – yup – again!

We’d been calling all evening to check up on the girl. Turns out she broke her ankle and is actually going to have to undergo surgery. I had no idea go-karting could be that dangerous.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Such a tiring Week

So this week was pretty dry. It was hectic as hell what with work and all. I barely had time to do anything personal let alone update my blog. I won't do a daily run-down this time around cos that would bore you all to no end! I'll just mention the interesting things that occurred during the week.

Thurday - Strange sighting

Remember that guy I saw last week in the silk robe? Well, I saw him again! I'm beginning to think he's a bit of an exhibitionist. Very odd.

Saturday - Wild Thang

Went to the Apple store to buy a case for my Ipod. I finally saw one that was nice but wasn't as sleek as I would have liked. I bought it anyways thinking I would be able to return it anyways if I changed my mind. Uh, mistake. The guy said they don't do returns. They can only give store credit. What nonsense. Needless to say, I tried to kick up a fuss but with the language barrier I gave up while I was far behind. Left for home - I had better things to do.

I had agreed to meet up with my friends at the so-called "best club" in the Hague and boy was that hilarious! It's a restaurant and bar by day and they take out all the tables and chairs to make it a club by night. We got there at midnight and the place was packed. The music was wack and I began to seriously miss my DJ Air miles and DJ Seaside Banker! I started off with a coke but realised that if I was going to have any fun that night, I would need a little help!

I ordered a bacardi breezer and next thing I know I was dancing on the speakers next to the DJ! Yep. On the speakers!!! They had moved some of the tables next to it so it wasnt dangerous or anything! Boy was it fun. Y'all should try it! One Dutch dude asked if he could come up as well and I said sure. We danced the night away to the tunes on the speakers! Hey, you only live once right?! Now I know my girls will diss me for this but after we'd danced for a while he asked me if I was American - you know, cos I dance so well? Tee hee hee! That silly Beyonce chick shouldn't try me! I must say it made my head swell a bit (just a bit though!). He really represented sha - danced pretty well for an oyinbo dude! Neways, the club closed at 4, we hailed a cab and headed home. Boy was I tired.

All in all, it was a good night out! Remind me next time we're out to stick to water k?! Tee hee hee...

Sunday - God works in mysterious ways

So I went to the 11a.m. service and you won't believe it but remember that guy I was telling you was being nice to me after he found out who my dad was? Well, he sings in the choir! I found this amazing cos he has a beautiful voice but when he's in the office, he swears so much he would make a sailor blush. Yup, in my office alot of swearing goes on. It's quite shocking. When you're in a meeting you hear f-ing this and f-ing that. It really takes some getting used to.

Hooray moment of the Week:

Ok, so Holland is notorious when it comes to immigration/visa issues. They are so so bad. On Thursady I went for my appointment with the "Alien Police" to get myself registered at the Town Hall for the Hague. Why am I so happy bout this? Well, in order for me to be able to travel in and out of this place, I need the sticker they put in my passport. You see, if I had travelled to say London for the weekend, they wouldn't have let me back into the country. Absolute nonsense right? Well, I've got it now. Thank God for that!

Monday, March 06, 2006

The Highs and the Lows of the Week Gone by

Monday - Should I be worried?

Today is Seyi’s 1st birthday. I was so upset that I missed it! I love her very much you know. I even gave up pizza for her, but that’s another story. Happy birthday Seyi! Sorry I missed your naming and your birthday. But I know you forgive me cos you know how much I’ve given up for you already!

Work was pretty ok. Not too much to report on that front. Had been having a headache off and on but didn’t think much of it. Well, was supposed to sign the contract for my apartment at 12 but figured that since I was meeting the landlord (Bart, he's a lawyer) in the evening, it would be better for me to do everything after work. Had a sandwich for lunch but the headache still kept coming and going. Hmmm… what was that about?

Neways, after work I headed to the realtors, signed the contract and paid. It was official. I finally had a place! I then headed to the apartment and waited for Bart. He signed the contract as well and with that, my apartment search was over. Boy was I relieved. I walked to the tram stop and as I stood there waiting I noticed a slick SLK across the street. The driver was waving at me and motioning that he would come round. At this point I was thinking it was Bart offering to give me a ride to the central station. As I walked over I was wondering about his choice of car cos he’d mentioned that lawyers weren’t paid too well here. I opened the door the door and to my horror it wasn’t him, it was some dodgy looking Dutch dude smiling at me and saying I should hop in. I was so shocked I just mumbled oh, thank you no, shut the door and walked off. I couldn’t believe it. I walked back to the tram stop and went home.

Tuesday - What Honest People!

So today I was meeting up with a colleague for lunch. In these offices, you don’t pay for food with cash. There are machines that you can use to load either your ID badge or "Company Cards" that you can buy. Now since I had credited mine with some money on Monday after I had bought the sandwich, I headed off to the restaurant without bothering to do so again. Time to pay and I open my wallet and my card was no where to be seen. I searched my bag and I couldn’t find it. I was so embarrassed and pissed off and maybe I was being paranoid but the look I could have sworn I got from the cashier was one of those “yeah right” looks. My friend ended up having to pay for my lunch. After lunch I decided to check at the sandwich bar to see if I had left it there. It was a long shot but I figured I’d give it a go. Lo and behold, it was actually there. Someone had turned it in. I was shocked to say the least cos the card I have is the type you buy and it doesn’t have any form of identification. Thank God for the honest people out here!

Got home and my aunt suggested we move some of my things to the apartment. Though we had agreed to move in on Wednesday there was so much stuff it would have taken two trips. She also gave me quite a lot of stuff from her house thankfully - the most important thing being a blender! We moved the stuff in and headed home. It was a very tiring day and the friggin head ache was still bothering me. Crashed like no man’s biz.

Wednesday - Home Sweet Home!

Work was ok but that wasn’t what was so special about today. It was special cos I’d be moving in to my place! It was a long time coming but definitely worth the wait. So we moved all my stuff in - including the beanbag we stopped off to buy on our way. I couldn’t help but notice that if anyone across the street was jobless enough, they would be able to get a good view of me - there are no curtains in the living room. The open door policy in this town freaks me out. Curtains are left open late into the night and you can see what everyone’s doing. It’s weird. I spent the evening unpacking even though the head ache was still bugging me. It’s a hard knock life.

Thursday - God give me strength

So work was going fine until my colleague started again with the silly questions about naija. This time it was about religion. Wednesday was Ash Wednesday and one of my colleagues who is catholic was talking about going to church and all that. I had hoped to go but with all the packing and all, I couldn’t. So the chick heard us talking and started to ask more questions: “So what type of religion do you have in Nigeria?”, “what type of religion is Anglican?” on and on. God give me strength.

Headed home and made some fast food for dinner. Boy o boy did I need to get to the African store. Fast.

Friday - TGIF (not the V-mobile kind!)

It was one of those days. Work was piling up thick and fast and my head was still pounding. I had a series of meetings but I was just itching to get out of there and get home. It didn’t quite work out that way. I ended up being the last one out of the office. I headed home. Did some more work and was surfing only for my system to tell me that it had detected spyware. The thing said I needed to download some strange software and proceeded to do so and of course, I had to pay to activate said software. Hello? If there’s spyware on my system why on earth would I use my card to pay for anything? How stupid. Well, my friend who I will call the “Yankee techie!” helped me sort out the problem. Thanks again dear. God bless you!

Saturday - Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh

Lucky me. My friend usually hires a cab once a month to do his monthly shopping and said I could go with. Woke up with a slight head ache but there was nothing I could do about it - no panadol extra and no food. We headed out.

First we went to the laundry. Then we went to Holland Spoor to the African shop. Bought yam, plantain, ogbono, egusi, pounded yam, garri, meat etc. Needless to say, I was in heaven. My head was starting to throb at this point, but I had to go on. We then went to the biggest Albert Heijn (the ‘Tesco’ of these parts) to buy groceries. It took ages, mainly because there wasn’t as much variety and everything was in Dutch. Luckily, my limited understanding of the language helped us along and it took us about 2 hours in total. My head had started pounding at this point and I figured it was a hunger headache. I bought croissants which I ate in the car in the hopes that it would subside. It didn’t. We then went on to buy fish. It was amazing. The different types of fish they had and they had a restaurant next door. My friend suggested I order take-away so I wouldn’t have to cook cos at this point my head felt like it was going to explode.

We headed to mine and after carrying the stuff up the stairs I couldn’t even do anything. Sat down to eat but it didn’t help. Every time I stood up I got serious dizzy spells. I was feeling feverish as well and forced myself to sleep. It was already quite late at this point but I dozed for like half an hour and felt a bit beta. This will sound crazy but because I really can’t stand a mess around me I got up, put all the shopping away, tidied up, washed the bathroom, and had a shower. After all this you can imagine that my head started throbbing again so I went to lie down. One of my friends who I will call the “gentle banker!” called me to cheer me up. Felt a whole lot beta after that and I crashed like there was no 2moro.

Sunday - hoppa!

Woke up real late and headed straight to the kitchen. I had to cook for the week, and the earlier I did that, the better for me. I made stew, okro and ogbono. Seasoned the fish as well for cooking tomorrow. The egusi would have to wait till next week as I was running out of time and I was getting tired.

I needed fresh air after all the stress I had been through. My friend came round and we headed to Madurodam - this really cool place which is basically a miniature Holland; buidings, aeroplanes etc. They also had this amazing exhibition of ice sculptures by Chinese artists which I really wanted to see. It was in a separate tent which had to be at -10 degrees to keep the ice from melting. I can’t even describe how amazing these sculptures were. The pic is the sculpture of Queen Beatrix. They were so brilliant and they were large as well. I’m going to go again for sure. The exhibit is on till May.

After that we headed to a Greek restaurant. We were greeted with a welcoming shot of something or other which was like 40% full! I couldn’t down it in one go - but I got through it after my third gulp! Of course it went straight to my head. I was like wow. This was on another level. Mojitos are tame compared to this stuff. The food was amazing.

Came back home. Generally chilled. Crashed.

Weird Occurrence of the Week

Ok, I mentioned the open door policy these guys have here rig
ht? Well, walking back home from the restaurant - on the main road I might add - I walked past one of the houses and this old dude was standing at his window looking out on the street wearing nothing more than a kimono. A silk black kimono with very pretty flowers embroidered on it. He just stood there looking out on the main road like it was absolutely normal. How weird is that?!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Wow, What a long Week

Monday - Iya Seyi’s Birthday

Ok o, in order to avoid being killed I have to mention that today is my dear friend’s birthday and I miss her very much. I wish I was in naij right now, celebrating her birthday with all my friends, rice and chicken a plenty, and definitely not touching any of Seyi’s bibs for whatever reason… ;-) (Mem’o, you get me right?!)

Work was cool - slowly getting access to all the online tools and such that I needed to get my work done.

Went home. Dj air miles came through for me. He got me another mp3 I wanted really badly. I’m such a lucky girl aren’t I? DJ air miles u rock! Keep surfing the clouds dude… kawabunga stylee!

Tuesday - Got hooked up

Got my phone today! The office one that is. Very happy about that. I had lunch with two naija colleagues and I heard the funniest thing! Well, one of them asked me what type of things I like to do for fun and started suggesting places I could go and see. This guy is married with two kids and so I wasn’t really expecting him to say anything major but after naming different places, he said I should make sure I go to the red light district that there are organised tours and there’s a sex museum as well. He went with his wife and kid and it was no big deal. Uh, hmmm, ok. Well, I filed that bit of info away for when my friends come down for my birthday. It promises to be one crazy weekend for sure! (People, I’ll be sending out a tentative itinerary soon please respond asap with what you can and can’t handle!). Went home.

Had a very disturbing conversation with my aunt on racism over dinner. I won’t give the full story here as it has been discussed on another blog. Go to the post titled ‘The beautiful ones are not yet born’ on The story my aunt told me is story number one. If racism can still get to us at this age, I can’t imagine what the little girl would have felt. I just hope that the resilience of youth helps her overcome it.

Wednesday - As bad as it gets

Not much to report today except at work, the man that I mentioned was now being nice to me on account of my father was clearing his throat in the most irritating manner. It was really grossing me out. Do you remember the movie “As good as it gets”? Do you remember how the guy cleared his throat; really loud and deep and so totally disgusting? As though he was about to puke or something? Well, it was just like that. Eeew. I sat at my desk thinking of the things I could do to him. Most of these involved causing him excruciating pain with paperclips and thumb tacks.

Went home. Crashed.

Thursday - the grass always looks greener on the other side

It snowed overnight. It’s been getting colder and colder. What on earth is going on? Have you read Sydney Sheldon’s “Are you afraid of the Dark?”. Makes you wonder…

Spent most of the day agonising over whether or not to take the apartment I mentioned. You see the landlord is male and as such has furnished the place with the things that a guy can live with. As a chick though, I need more stuff. So, I spent most of the day debating whether or not to see another apartment that had more furnishings. I chatted with a friend who I will call “the hustle king”, and after a very laboured but logical process of deduction concluded I should just go ahead and get this one. Later on I found out that the other one I was thinking about is in a “multi-cultural” area of town. We all know what that means – ghetto. O well, all that palaver for nothing. Thanks for the input though hustle king!

Stopped at Bart Smit (the toys r us in these parts) to buy a birthday present for my aunt’s son. Got home, had dinner. Ate lots of cake and crashed!

Friday - Woe is me :-(

I was having a good day at the office until my colleague asked me what Nigeria looked like. She was like, “you only see pictures of wars and stuff in the news” (which is fair enough) but then she said she wondered what the buildings looked like. At this point I started thinking of all the things I could do to her e.g. force-feed her with beef (she’s Indian and of course vegetarian). Alas, I had no choice but to oblige and answer as sweetly as possible (this is an open office you see). I tried to describe it but then since she couldn’t really comprehend that we had normal buildings in naij, I decided to show her our neighbourhood friendly paparazzo’s website, hoping there’d be some pics that show our beautiful nation in all it’s glory. Not quite, if you go to his website you’ll see what I mean. I’ll have to have a word with him about that. Well, one pic showed the skyline of Lagos Island and she was like “ooo, wow”. I had had enough at that point and cut her off. I said I needed to get back to work.

Had a meeting and found out I will be handling the next intervention for the leadership team with one of the team members. Hmmm, felt a bit nervous about that as I’ve never done anything like that before but then my dear friend who I will call “il postino” said just think of it as appearing in court. It worked.

So, the day continued on a good note and everything was fine until il postino and I got into a conversation and really started going at me. Telling me off in a way that would make my father envious. Said some things which made me really, really sad. Hey, the truth is bitter right? (We still cool il postino!) After that, I had no choice but to cancel my plans for the night and went home to console myself and contemplate my life.

Saturday - Aeon Flux? Aeon Sucks more like

Got ready for my aunt’s sons’ birthday party at the bowling alley. About 20 kids running all over the place, screaming and having a blast, gave me a headache but it was fun. Headed off to the Hague to meet up with a friend. We went window-shopping for about an hour because the shops close at 5pm on Saturday if you can believe it. We then headed off to see Aeon Flux. It was a cross between the Matrix and the Island. It was a’ight but I can’t say I particularly liked it. My friend has promised to diss me about the choice for a while to come. I don’t mind - I deserve it.

Getting on the bus home, I couldn’t help but notice two families that had gone out for the day. What struck me was the fact that they were all deaf. They sat down and were signing to each other, and I couldn’t help wondering what they were saying. They had obviously had a nice day. Were they possibly discussing what they’d done, what they’d seen, where they would go next?

I hopped off and went straight to bed.

Sunday - Get thee behind me

Woke up at 9am. Oops, service started at 8.30am. O well, thank God for the evening service! Spent the day chilling, gisting with my aunt and helping her round the house. Hmm, I noticed an interesting-looking movie called Bollywood/Hollywood starting at 3.50pm. One quick mental calculation later and I figured the film would be over just in time for me to catch the bus to the Hague. What a mistake that was. After the movie (which was cool and funny in the way in which it was loosely based on Pretty Woman), I did a mad dash to grab my gear and ran out of the house.

Got to the bus stop about 2 minutes late it would seem (buses here seem to run about 1 or 2mins faster than they should). Darnit. The next bus was to leave in half an hour. No choice but to wait in the freezing cold. I probably would have gone home but thanks to my ipod, I kept my sanity. Not for long though ’cos as I waited, the mini-me devil hovering on my left shoulder started trying to convince me to give up and go home saying I was already late, I didn’t know the route, and would most likely get lost (some of the trams don’t run on Sunday). The mini-me angel on my right shoulder however was convincing me to go; it wasn’t that long to wait, I am smart enough to figure out how to get to the church, and hey, better late than never right? Ok, got on the bus and on to the Hague central station. Looked at the maps and connected things. Ok, two trams to go (hopefully). At this point it started raining, thankfully the tram showed up. 2 stops later and had to switch again. This time it started snowing at which point the little devil starts whispering give up, go home, have a cup of tea, watch a movie, and generally chill. The little angel then said it’s not that much further, you got the directions right, hold on a bit longer. So I said the magic words; “get thee behind me” and off I went. Got to church and almost walked in with my head phones on. Realised that it wasn’t a great idea to go to church with wires hanging out of my bag, so I took them off and stepped in.

It occurred to me at that point that that was most likely the reason for the remarkably high amount of attention I get on public transport - even for my standards ;-)! Those poor commuters…! Probably been scaring them silly with the wires sticking out. Oops…

Good service - a more contemporary style of worship. Left for home. Boy was it cold.
Got home, warmed up, watched tv and crashed.

“What? This can’t affect Nigerians” moment:

The health and safety people keep bugging us with all sorts of stuff. This time it’s to install ‘Workpace’, a software that helps you reduce the risk of RSI and such from prolonged typing etc. The bloody thing stops you every hour, forcing you to take a break and suggests exercises you can do. Imagine. How do I tell them that years of making eba and such have kinda made me immune to such things? I never had any issues o, until I read up on it and installed the bloody thing. The mind is a wonderful thing. Now I find myself noticing weird pains in my hands that I never noticed before. Which kind thing be dis?